REDKEN Network

During the 1960’s Redken disrupted the entire professional salon industry by introducing a novel concept – protein reconditioning. Recent scientific evidence proves human hair is built primarily of proteins which have the ability to absorb topically applied proteins resulting in a superior look. Redken’s protein based products transformed the salon industry. Across the nation Salons can now condition hair internally rather than covering up existing damage; a new world has opened up.

Redken rapidly created advanced protein technologies and holds over 60 global patents on hair care products and their ingredients. Recently acquired technology patents can be seen in our styling lines and hair products.

“Icons of the American Marketplace” honored Redken 5th Avenue NYC in 2008. Random House Publishing, partnered with Columbia University, gave top honors to 257 brands out of the 800 nominations for brand excellence. Redken was the only hair product brand mentioned and that tribute is celebrated inside a hardbound honors book.